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Specialist Quality Mark (SQM)

All holders of a General Civil Contract are required to hold (or be in the process of obtaining) the Specialist Quality Mark (SQM).

The SQM is designed to ensure that an organisation is well run and able to offer excellent client care. To ensure that the quality of legal advice delivered is of a high standard, the SQM applies several proxies that are closely linked to good quality advice including supervision and file review.

The SQM can be applied to any legal service operating at the Specialist level, including those receiving funding from sources such as the LSC, local authorities, charities, other public funding or private fees. A Specialist service is defined as one that is able to provide complex legal advice in specific areas of law, including representation where this is necessary and permitted. The SQM is primarily an organisational standard, designed to ensure legal advice organisations are well run and provide good client care. The SQM gives assurance regarding quality of advice by means of several proxies which, whilst not direct measures of quality are fundamental to reliable delivery of a quality service.

Benefits of Achieving the Quality Mark

These include:

North East Business Solutions are contracted with the SQM Delivery Partnership to provide advisory and audit services against the Specialist Quality Mark. For further information on the standard or to discuss options for conversion from SQM to Lexcel please contact Solutions.